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08055, Medford — Goodbye, Old Fads

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Maybe I didn’t have a set of Multiples and I thought my parents were holding me back from being really in style. But a lot of the crap in my old room showed that I couldn’t really get away from some of the fads.

Fad 1: Cabbage Patch Kids and Popples

I’d say, except for the Cabbage Patch Kids and Popple, these stuffed animals could be in any grubby little kid’s room these days. I had three Cabbage Patch Kids that I adored: Adela, Lyda and Adam. I kept the adoption papers that came with them and the “one-year birthday” card the Cabbage Patch folks sent. You’ll notice there’s a poor man’s Cabbage Patch knock-off, too, on the upper right. And then there’s the green Popple, the Murphy bed of stuffed animals: the creature that folds into its own pouch. Remember how they even had their own TV show?


Fad 2: Trophies and Awards for Just Showing up

OK, I actually earned a few of these — I think I bowled a 135 in 5th grade to get a “High Score” trophy and the first year our high school had a girls’ volleyball team in 1994, we tied for first in our division. But then again, every year I did after-school bowling at elementary school, I got a trophy. Every year I played pee-wee soccer, I got a trophy. Every year I played in the band, I got a certificate of participation. And now what do I do with trophies? You can’t donate them because why would someone else want this awkwardly-shaped object with your name on it? They’re probably not even salvageable for the marble they’re screwed into. I was sad throwing these out, but I was actually even sadder when my dad threw away the trophies he won at company ping-pong and tennis tournaments and the plaques he got for a good job at work. It felt as if he was throwing away all the hard work he did at the office and on the courts. I joked with him, “Do you feel less important now?” He shrugged — there was no difference for him between the moment before and the moment after.

Prom dress IMG_2798

Fad 3: Velvet Party Dresses

That all-black dress is my senior prom dress. I even wore it in June because I loved velvet so much. The purple polka-dot dress is the first “party” dress I got as a 12-year-old. I think I wore it once, to a wedding. But man did I feel special matching it with a scrunchie and doing a Molly Ringwald-inspired dance.

Sigh. All of that is going now to Goodwill, where someone is going to find the right goods to make  a banging 1980s Halloween get-up.

Today’s random bonus is drawings from my tween years. Glamour apparently meant crazy eye make-up, fingerless gloves, jumpsuits and side ponytails. This is how I really wanted to dress if my parents let me.

Fashion! IMG_2819 IMG_2810  


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