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91103, Pasadena

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Old gumball machines for sale

Dear ——–,

We thought it would be fun to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday, but it turned into a nightmare. We’ve been in the market for a low, long credenza-type thing to hold the electronics under our TV. We did see a few cool stalls — one had old phonographs; another had vintage citrus crate labels. But we didn’t find the affordable mid-century modern furniture we’d hoped. We also didn’t think about sunscreen because it’s February. It turned out to be unbearably sunny and Bryan got half-sunburned. There was also no place to sit down. We tried to leave at about 10 a.m., but when we got back to the parking lot, our car was boxed in by a stupid Toyota Matrix with a stuffed Beijing Olympic mascot in its back window. The event manager said the flea market had no authority over this lot — a mulch-covered one where Seco Street turns east. The police said they had no authority to tow from that lot either. So we were stuck waiting for one of the cars around us to leave. Unfortunately, other cars came and tried to box us in further, but Bryan waved them off. Do people think it’s OK to box more cars in if some are already boxed in? I guess there’s no real penalty there for parking obnoxiously. When the car in front of ours finally moved an hour and a half later, we were so relieved. All I could think to do was leave a tsk-tsk note on the windshield of Matrix with a drawing of an angry face. I just hope they get their parking karma some day.


Author: postmarkhere

I'm a journalist based in Los Angeles who has always said that writing postcards for a living would be a dream job. The posts -- short enough to fit on an actual postcard -- chronicle recent travels near and far. I could blab on about being inspired by epistolary novels, the short poems of Emily Dickinson, and the New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" pieces, but I'll just say that I'm aiming to give you a sense of flavor of a place without boring you to death. Wish you were here!

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