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90027, Los Feliz

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Train doing "Drops of Jupiter"

Dear ——–,

On Thursday, Bryan got us great seats at the Train performance at the Greek Theater. I was jumping up and down as I sang along to “Hey, Soul Sister,” but it was also really fun to hear the first song (“Free”?) they ever got on the radio. That first song was a sign of how much genres have changed — while it would have been guitar rock back in ’98, today it might be classified as country. From the stage, Pat talked about being a band for 15 years and thanked the fans for such long-standing support. It was kind of refreshing to hear people say they’re thankful for fame. I guess I’m surprised by maturity these days. We got a fabric sticker to go back stage, but we had to wait in the seating area until an usher came to get us. During that time, we saw roadies break down the stage. Did you know Train brings its own floor? We saw them rolling up the mats. I know rock stars like to bring their own instruments, but I guess if you’re going to be dancing all over the stage, you’ll want to feel confident you’re not going to trip.


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I'm a journalist based in Los Angeles who has always said that writing postcards for a living would be a dream job. The posts -- short enough to fit on an actual postcard -- chronicle recent travels near and far. I could blab on about being inspired by epistolary novels, the short poems of Emily Dickinson, and the New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" pieces, but I'll just say that I'm aiming to give you a sense of flavor of a place without boring you to death. Wish you were here!

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