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02138, Cambridge


Dragon Boat race on the Charles River

Dragon Boat race finish line on the Charles River

Dear ——–,

It’s so refreshing to leave a place where everyone who’s old dresses young and visit a place where everyone who’s young dresses old. I have not seen so many pinstripe button-down shirts or khaki slacks worn with belts in a long time. Just got back from my college reunion and I’m kind of glad that Cambridge doesn’t change very much. Sure, Toscanini’s has turned into a J.P. Licks, but it’s still ice cream, right? At least Burdick’s was still there. I convinced Bryan and Julia to sip some sultry dark chocolate hot chocolate with me. A slice of tomato-basil Sicilian pizza at Pinocchio’s at 1:55 a.m. also turned out to be the perfect way to prevent a hangover the next day. All that walking nearly killed my legs. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I’m not used to it! Thank god we took a break to sit down on the banks of the Charles River to watch the Dragon Boat Festival.


Author: postmarkhere

I'm a journalist based in Los Angeles who has always said that writing postcards for a living would be a dream job. The posts -- short enough to fit on an actual postcard -- chronicle recent travels near and far. I could blab on about being inspired by epistolary novels, the short poems of Emily Dickinson, and the New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" pieces, but I'll just say that I'm aiming to give you a sense of flavor of a place without boring you to death. Wish you were here!

2 thoughts on “02138, Cambridge

  1. I love your two postcards so far. And with the universal shortening attention span – everyone else will too! heart, me.

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